Wallace WOO is a professional fashion make up artist, at 2009 Wallace went to Paris completed a postgraduate makeup program in France and it is for sure a turning point in his make-up profession to entering the international market.

After he graduated from the make up school at lyon, he moved to Paris to start his make up career. And nowadays he often to work at the Paris fashion week and the international brand fashion show event. Also he is minority asian make up artist in the Paris fashion make up industry.

Wallace already builds up different fashion industry network in Paris, fashion show, advertising andmagazine photo shooting etc. Lucky by chance, he published the first book【ICELAND】in Taiwan, it helped him to open another gate for the amateur writing career.


He is a very hard worker, therefore In 2013 Wallace woo been interview by Friend Magazine - Paris, Soda Magazine - Macau, Alsharkiah magazine - Saudi Arabia, Milk X magzine Hong Kong and the most bigger news paper group in HongKong - Ming Pao Magazine. this is a affirmative of his identity as a international Make up artist.

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